Drinks and Snacks Menu


Please come to the counter to place and pay for your order.

A waitress will then bring it to your table.


Coffee freshly ground and brewed to order

Cup of Coffee                                                                                                              

Mug of coffee                                                                                                              

Cup of Cappuccino                                                                                                      

Mug of cappuccino                                                                                                      

Mug of Café Latte  one third coffee two thirds frothed milk quite weak                 

Mug of Coffee made with milk      this will take much longer than normal coffee

Mug of Cadburys’ hot chocolate    (no cream)                                                          

Deluxe Mug of Cadburys’ hot chocolate topped with cream with marshmallows and a flake                                        

Mug of Mocha Latte a blend of coffee and chocolate topped with cream and a flake

Tea (cup for one)                                                                                                         

Fruit Teas                                                                                                                     

Speciality Teas        Peppermint or Earl Grey                                                                      

Glass of mineral water         

Bottled Mineral water                   

Orange Squash                                         

Blackcurrant Squash                       

Apple or Orange juice                             



Yazoo” Flavoured milk                

Robinsons fruit shoot           

Robinsons H2O                         

Fresh Fruit Smoothies          

Tropicana pure juice             




Toasted Teacake with butter and jam                                  

Toasted Scone with butter and jam                                     

Toast served with butter and jam or marmalade                      

Slice of Cheese on toast                                                     

Fried Egg on Toast (2 toast, 1 egg)                                    

Beans on Toast (2 slice toast 1 portion beans)                    

Fried egg cob                                                                    

Sausage cob                                                                     

Bacon cob                                                                        

Bacon and egg cob                                                           

Bacon and mushroom cob                                                

Sausage and bacon cob                                                   

Beef Burger quarter pound uncooked weight                     

Cheeseburger quarter pound uncooked weight                   

Sandwiches Cheese, Ham or Tuna. Served with side salad

          Battered onion rings                                                        

          Garlic Toast